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About Om Running

For fun. For fitness. Forever.

Om Running was founded in 2011 to help runners of all levels--from beginners to competitors--achieve their goals. Whether that goal is to lose weight, set a personal record, or just cross the finish line, Om Running helps our clients through individualized training plans and nutritional support.


Why Om? Om (sometimes spelled “Aum”) is a sacred sound that encompasses all phases of life. Two of the properties of Om represent our two basic philosophies of training:


1. Om is the sound deep within you. Individuals vary. We are all made differently, and we all need to train differently. Whether it’s addressing past injuries, scheduling issues that affect training, or any number of other hurdles, Om Running is about helping you reach your goals by looking at you as an individual. We do not do cookie-cutter training plans; our training plans are customized to meet your needs.


2. Om is the sound of everything. There’s more to running than running. We runners love to hit the road (or trail), but to keep running safely and effectively, we need to do more than just run. Every Om Running plan includes cross-training, flexibility and strength work that will make you a better, more efficient runner and keep you injury-free for years to come.

About Leigh

Natalie Boyd, known as Leigh to her friends and clients, is the founder of Om Running. She is a certified running coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor based in New York City. Most weekends you can find her doing long runs in Central Park or along the Hudson and East Rivers. She believes that flexibility is the key to both a happy life and an injury-free marathon season, and that the world’s biggest problems can be solved with enough hill repeats.


Email Leigh here.